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One WHOLE month of unlimited access to a math learning pro!

I'm not comfortable with math. But I feel much better knowing my phone-a-friend is at my fingertips!

Tammy Jolley

About this product

One Month Only!

For one whole month, you can get your own math phone-a-friend line!The Parent Party Line includes one month of unlimited phone and text support for parents* on anything math education related. This includes:

  • How to do a math problem
  • How to explain a math problem
  • Ways to stay calm during math homework
  • Math homework panic prevention and recovery

You get my personal phone number to call or text anytime day or night. Yes, sometimes I won't be able to answer the phone immediately. If this happens during the week (Sunday noon - Friday noon CST), I'll respond within 15 minutes. On the weekend (up until Sunday noon), I'll respond within 1 hour.

Too Scared to Call?

If you don't call for four consecutive days, I will call you. The goal is to keep you calm during math homework time. If you don't call, you might be crazy anxious, or you could be just fine. Either way, I'll call to check in with you.As you can imagine, I can only take a very limited number of parents for this. And to make sure everyone's on board 100%, I'm charging $100 for the month. This is less than a tutoring service would cost, and you can get me all the time. Yes. ALL. THE. TIME.

*Phone calls will be with a parent or guardian only. This is NOT an phone tutoring service for your child. There are lots of services for children. I'm concerned and focused on you - keeping YOU calm.

What will you get?

  • Unlimited conversations about math questions
  • Unlimited coaching on how to explain math concepts
  • Unlimited panic recovery chats
  • Unlimited panic prevention chats
  • Peace of mind

Who is it for?

  • Parents
  • Legal Guardians
  • Grandparents
  • NOT Students (this is a service to support grownups who want to help their own children)

Our instructor

Bon CrowderGeneration X Learner, Generation Now Educator

Bon Crowder is a Math Mom and Education Advocate who works to empower parents to take back their role as math homework helper.

She has 25 years experience in math learning with 20 years in the classroom. Her math teaching experience includes grade school, middle school, high school, vocational college, community college, university and special needs.

Her first math teaching experience was as a peer tutor at her high school. She's been supporting her Gen X peers in math ever since.

Bon has an MS in mathematics from the University of Houston. She writes at MathFour.com, a math education website supporting parents and teachers, manages the Facebook community "Empowering Parents to Tackle Math," and actively supports parents through online webinars and social media.

Bon's been quoted in the Wall Street journal, appeared on eHow.com and Synonym.com, Great Day Houston, NEA Benefits and is an expert on NBC’s Education Nation Parent Toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I call?

As many as you need. The goal is for you to remain calm during math homework and boost your own confidence when helping your children. Limiting the number of calls you get only increases your anxiety. So you get as many as you need!

What if I'm helping my kid at 1am. Can I call then?

Absolutely! If you need help working through the problem, pick up the phone and call. I'm here to help. If you're awake panicking, I'm not sleeping well anyhow. I won't sleep well until all the parents in the world are able to calmly help with math homework at 1am. So call. (Plus - if I find out you didn't call, I'll... I'll do something horrible. Or at least give an empty threat to do something horrible. For real - call!)

Can you talk my child through the problem?

Sorry, but no. You have a gazillion options for tutors and other math help, both online and offline. My job is to help you - the parent. I can't focus on the parents if I keep getting diverted to the students.

No, but really... can you just talk to my child and get him through this?

My goal is to help parents (like you and me) be calm, confident and feel proud of themselves while helping their children with math. If I talked to your kid, I'm sending you a terrible message. I know you can do this. So I'm only talking to you. I'm sure your kid is great. But it's your job to help. And you CAN do it.

I'm a visual person. Can we talk over FaceTime or Skype or something?

Abso-freaking-lutely. You name the platform and I'm there. Whatever is your most comfortable way of communication, I'm open for it.

I'm a visual person, but I can't stand technology. What do we do then?

I can take a picture and send it to you via text message. Before you get off the phone, I'll make sure you understand and have confidence in the way you explain it to your child. If we have to use telepathy or smoke signals, we'll get it done.

What if I have more than one kid? Do I need to pay twice?

Nope. This is about you, not them. One fee, one family. As long as a parent is the caller, I'll help.

My spouse and I share homework duties. Do we have to pay twice?

Nope. One fee, one family.

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