Geometric Pilgrim

Simple Math Craft for Thanksgiving!

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This download is from the post "Geometric Pilgrim" on the blog Go to to see the full post.

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Bon CrowderGeneration X Learner, Generation Now Educator

Bon Crowder is a Math Mom and Education Advocate who works to empower parents to take back their role as math homework helper.

She writes at, a math education website supporting parents and teachers and manages the Facebook community "Empowering Parents to Tackle Math."

Bon's been quoted in the Wall Street journal, appeared on and, Great Day Houston, NEA Benefits and is an expert on NBC’s Education Nation Parent Toolkit.

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Where did this come from?

This download is from the post "Geometric Pilgrims" on the blog Go to to see the full post.

Why do I have to login to download this?

This platform is a bit like Teachers Pay Teachers. But instead of just downloads, here you can also get things with video, audio, external links - in other words, we offer full courses here. Not JUST downloads. I use this platform so I can better serve parents and teachers in their efforts to create positive math learners.

Where can I get more stuff like this?

Check out the offerings below. And go to for articles on how kids and grownups learn math and more activities like this to support it.

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